Hattersley benefits greatly from an active and strong community – with a large number of residents involved in activities and issues which effect and benefit their community.

There are more than 40 special interest groups in Hattersley, providing a range of activities such as: dance, walking, sport and leisure, art and music – with other activities provided by faith organisations as well as groups for younger and older people.

Many other groups and organisations which provide services and support to the local community also rely on the active involvement of local volunteers.

The website of local social enterprise the Hattersley and Mottram Community Media at: contains a unique community focussed perspective of Hattersley. Copies of the monthly Hattersley and Mottram News, a newspaper produced by HMCM and local volunteers, are also available on the website.

Contact details for various groups, community organisations and venues can be found in the Hattersley and Mottram Directory

The Community and Regeneration

Hattersley benefits from a proud history of community involvement, which has helped guide and shape regeneration in the area.

This has been invaluable in helping organisations and agencies involved in local regeneration – with key contributions from residents in areas such as the housing stock transfer, land development programme as well as social and economic initiatives, coordinated by Hattersley Neighbourhood Partnership.

Recognising the value of this contribution, partners have developed a Community Engagement Strategy to:

  • Ensure that local people continue to have a say in local issues, promote links and co-operation between people and groups
  • Make sure that all voices are heard and;
  • Ensure that organisations working in the area listen to local people’s views and work with them effectively.