Environment, Housing & Regeneration Theme Group

This group is actively involved in all aspects of  physical development, housing and environmental management. 

Members include groups such as the Hattersley Residents Regeneration Group, Hattersley and Mottram People’s Association, the Land Development Steering Group and organisations such as Tameside MBC, Peak Valley and New Charter Housing.

The group sets out to provide a voice for the local community, identify and tackle issues, raise awareness of services and help to coordinate the action of various partners.   

Current priorities include:

  • Maintaining and improving the appearance and cleanliness of the area
  • Housing and environmental management and services
  • Supporting the Physical Development Programme – new housing, retail and community facilities and public space
  • Energy efficiency, waste management and recycling

Group achievements include:

  • Delivery of two new play spaces
  • Volunteer inspection and maintenance of play spaces 
  • Community clean-ups with residents and service providers
  • Wildflower meadow and fields planting
  • Launch of anti-litter campaign and production of DVD 

The group welcomes enquiries and involvement from local residents.  To discuss issues or get more information please contact Mark Tunstall on 0161 368 2096, by e-mail at mark.tunstall@hnp.org.uk, or call in at the HNP office.