Hattersley Neighbourhood Partnership

HNP is a partnership of local residents, key organisations and service providers working to achieve the vision set out for Hattersley.

Coordination of local regeneration activity by HNP serves to ensure that plans of various partner organisations and service providers complement Local Authority and area wide strategies.

Partnership and Key Themes

The HNP Board has representation from three local councillors, lead residents and service provider representatives from the following Thematic Groups:

Representatives from the HNP Board also sit on the boards of key partners – Hattersley Development Trust, Peak Valley Housing and the Hattersley Land Board, helping to facilitate effective partnership working.

Physical Development Programme

HNP continues to work with residents and key partners such as Tameside Council, Peak Valley Housing Association and the Homes and Community Agency to support the estimated £250m physical transformation of the area.

Neighbourhood Working

HNP works to ensure that every resident and stakeholder in the area has the opportunity to participate as fully as possible in local decision making and coordinates a multi-agency community development strategy and approach to engaging with residents.

Communications Strategy

HNP coordinates a communications strategy through the Communications and Promotions Group – made up of residents and partners from all key organisations. The group aims to help share information and experience as well as develop and monitor an agreed approach to consultation and promotion, across all partners.

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