Health & Leisure Theme Group

This group sets out to help increase the quality of life and life expectancy of local people by improving health and reducing local health inequalities.

The group do this by coordinating the work of residents,  health professionals and other partners – who come together to identify, tackle issues and raise awareness of health issues and choices.

Current priorities include:

  • Increasing levels of physical activity
  • Improving diet and helping people to lose weight
  • Helping people to stop smoking
  • Improving sexual health
  • Promoting positive mental health

Achievements include:

  • Introduction of a new locally based health improvement team to support residents with lifestyle changes
  • Roll out of Connect for Life (personalised health assessments)
  • Coordination of healthy lifestyle initiatives including stop smoking and a range of physical activity sessions
  • Development of leisure groups including evening activity sessions
  • Supporting schools to achieve Healthy Choice Awards
  • Supported national health promotion campaigns including blood pressure testing of over 100 residents
  • Health courses (First Aid, Food Hygiene, Weight Matters) attended by over 150 people

The group welcomes enquiries and involvement from local residents.  To discuss issues or get more information please contact Carlos Tait on 0161 368 2096, by e-mail at  or call in at the HNP office.