Hattersley Neighbourhood Partnership

Hattersley Neighbourhood Partnership (HNP)
10-13 Kingston Arcade, Hattersley, Hyde
Cheshire, SK14 3RD
0161 368 2096
HNP is responsible for co-ordinating all regeneration activity within the area. It does this by bringing residents and service providers together to work on key issues. Much of this work is co-ordinated by theme groups (listed below) and overseen by the HNP Board, both of which are made up of residents as well as representatives of key agencies and service providers.

HNP is also a partner in the physical redevelopment of the area, working alongside partners such as Tameside Council, Peak Valley Housing Association and residential developer BASE on groups such as the Land Development Steering Group and Hattersley Land Board.

HNP Theme Groups

Housing, Environment & Regeneration
Coordinates action to keep the area ‘clean, safe and green’ by working on issues such as: Housing, Environmental Management and New Physical Developments.
Contact: Mark Tunstall on 0161 368 2096
Community Safety
A wide range of agencies come together in the Community Safety theme group to work together to ensure the area is a safe place to live, work and play.
Contact: Mark Tunstall on 0161 368 2096

Jobs, Training & Enterprise
Aims to reduce levels of local unemployment and provide access to training, employment and volunteering opportunities. (See also Step Ahead, under Advice and Information).
Contact: Sharron Power 0161 368 2096

Children & Young People
Aims to assist the positive development of local young people 0-19, tackle issues affecting them and enhance the quality of educational and leisure services and facilities.
Contact: Ruth Dolan on 0161 368 2096

Health & Leisure
Aims to increase the quality of life and life expectancy of local people by improving health, reducing health inequalities and raising awareness of health issues and choices. (See also: Hattersley Local Health Team, under Health).
Contact: Carlos Tait on 0161 368 2096

Sport in the Community (part of the Health & Leisure Theme Group)
Works with local groups, individuals and schools to develop sport and leisure facilities and opportunities. Provides training and qualifications in sports management and fitness coaching. Manages facilities such as the Ken Ward Sports Centre and The Gym.
Contact: Steve Alford on 0161 368 2096.

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