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Step Ahead staff realise the benefits of volunteering, having helped many local people ‘get back into the swing of things’ or learn new skills by introducing them to worthwhile volunteering opportunities.

Local volunteers consistently report benefits such as increased confidence, new friendships and interests as well as greater self-esteem.  In addition many have benefitted from the skills acquired whilst volunteering and gained valuable experience to show to employers when looking to find work.

Step Ahead work closely with Volunteer Centre Tameside, an independent charity working to promote volunteering in Tameside by developing opportunities, recruiting and placing volunteers and by supporting organisations and volunteers.

They can help match you with a suitable opportunity either available locally or from the hundreds of opportunities in Tameside.  The Volunteer Centre assist people to narrow down the sort of voluntary work they would like and assist you in applying for an opportunity.

For those with a disability, or other difficulty that makes it more difficult to volunteer, the Volunteer Centre can offer in-depth support to get you started in volunteering and place you in a role that works for your particular circumstances.

Volunteer Centre Tameside hold free local pre-volunteering courses and provide support to help volunteers to make the best of their chosen opportunity.

To find out more call Ben Stoddard on 0161 339 2345 or contact Step Ahead.

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